The opera isn’t over ’til the fat lady sings…

Where do I begin? The summer is not quite over but here I am, out of breath, and relieved that the Florida Bar exam is now a thing of my past (and let’s hope it remains there). The wait is in full swing. The Florida Supreme Court will release the results of the July 2015 General Bar examination on September 21, 2015. What do I do now? How about try finding a job? Oh, but wait, I can’t practice law until I am admitted to the Bar, so what to do? Good question.

The last few months have not been easy; hell, the last few years have not been easy. Law school was no picnic but preparing for the Bar exam was a nightmare. And now, it’s over. When I walked out of the Tampa Convention Center up “Tampa Street” (so I had no doubts about where I was) back to my hotel I felt relieved (like the other 3300+ people taking the exam with me).

But something else happened…I realized that I had been building to this moment for quite a number of years (most intensely during the last few months) and now, it was over. That’s it. She’s done. Each moment arrives after the one before it. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But as I walked toward my hotel I felt a sense of not only relief, but of absolute certainty. The certainty that some day the moment of my death will surely arrive. Years are quickly passing. My next birthday I will have to change the blog subtitle to a “fifty something lover of all good things.”

No one knows how or when her life will end. But I have the certainty that it is being moved forward by someone good. Someone who wants me now. Until that day, I keep moving forward, hopeful and curious. Or not. The choice is always mine.

May I be forever curious and forever hopeful. I have many reasons to be.


2 comments on “The opera isn’t over ’til the fat lady sings…

  1. Congratulations of course and also thank you. The certainty that I am going to die is a medicine that I try to take every day.

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